“Simplify Your Life” by Elaine St. James

Reduce clutter in your life

I read this book sometime ago titled:

Simplify Your Life

– 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter

By Elaine St. James

The book has an impact on me and I have practised some of the ideas and it has simplified my life.

Top on the list of 100 ways is: Reduce clutter in your life

Start by going through your wardrobes and then move on to your bookshelves, drawers, around the house and do the same at your office.

The rule is simple, if you have not used or referred to the items you have kept for a year and more, then they are not worth keeping. These items can be disposed. If you have items that you think is of use to others, e.g. a second rice cooker in the house, shirts, neck ties, etc., then consider giving them up to a charitable organization that collects them for jumble sale. This way you are helping the charitable organization in raising funds and at the same time you remove items from the house and you have less clutter.

This applies to books which you have read and you will probably not read again in the future. Dispose them. You will be amazed that you have free-up so much bookshelf space for newer books. Better still, you need not own these books and you can borrow them at the national library and save money.

Some personal files you kept in the office can be disposed if you have not touched them for a year. (Caution: You have to follow the record keeping policies of your employer when carrying out disposal procedure.)

There is no need to keep some of these items for keepsake and for memory. There is no need to cling on to the past.

The act of removing clutter is exhilarating and it creates more space for your life. You mind is cleared of events of the past. You face each new day as is – new day – without emotional baggage. You will not feel complicated with the clutter. You will not have to rummage through piles of unwanted materials to retrieve items that you need. This saves time and reduces frustration.

The first time when you remove unwanted items, it won’t be easy and will take time. Be patient, start on a small scale and when you embark on the next round of clearing clutters, it will get easier.

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