Spend time together on activities as a family

As parents, we see our children grow up from babies to pre-teens, teenagers and adults. Because we are busy with our career, we may not find enough time to connect and communicate with our children. We have our responsibilities to inculcate values and morals to our children. We need to impart life skills to our children so that they can cope with life. Some of these life skills include social skills. At some stage in their life, they need to understand sexuality and how to handle it.

To create opportunities to connect with your children, there are many ways and it depends on each family’s circumstances. But the imperative is that there must be a willingness on the part of parents to set aside time to do so.

Here are some suggestions:

a) Have dinners together as a family. Conversation occurs at dinner table. Even when there is no conversation, your mere presence at the dinner table is sufficient to show that you care and you made the effort.

b) Have a common hobby together. One example could be attending pottery/ceramic lessons at the community centre/club. Another could be doing Sudoku together. Common hobby allows a reason to be together.

c) Spend time walking in a nature park. This not only brings the family together, it also connects the family to nature.

d) Watch some drama serial on TV together. If your child is at a right age to watch adult themed TV serial e.g. Friends, you may casually talk about some of the values portrayed in the shows.

This togetherness will bring your children closer to you and they will know that they have you, as parents, to turn to in time of trouble.

Written on 11/8/2006 1:22 PM

Copyright © 2006, the author known as LKT in Singapore.

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