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Ways to reduce spending

When you are not working and not earning, you quickly realised that every cent you have once spent will not be replaced by fresh funds or earnings. Your reserve is finite. Money is not so “free” after all and what … Continue reading

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Social work can begin at home

My mother who is 80 plus decided not to bother her sons and daughter by staying alone in her own home. This gives her freedom to do what she likes at own home. She often said that she will cause … Continue reading

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Memory of my Father

Over the weekend, I attended a public talk and the subject of expressing love for fathers came up. The impetus for writing this piece was compelling and germinated at the talk. I seldom talked about my father. My father was … Continue reading

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Small Players in the Stock Market

Retail investors who are small players often get caught in the swings of the stock market. He makes investment decision in a particular stock based on information from several sources: 1. information from his stock brokers/remisiers 2. stock analysis from … Continue reading

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Blue-Collar workers

  There is a MRT worksite beside my estate, part of the Stage 4 Circle Line construction. Excavation work and other heavy work are in progress in ernest. The workers on site wear safety boots and hardhats. Their works are … Continue reading

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Big Boys in the Stock Markets

The Singapore equity market has recently reached historic highs with the Straits Times Index (STI) touching 3145 on 22 January 2007, never seen before. The volume of trade for that day was 2.94 billion shares, about 1.7 billion more shares … Continue reading

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Heard this in a public talk, attributed to Ajahn Brahm. There lived a King who was neither happy nor content despite the luxury. He noticed a servant was happily working in his palace, always smiling and singing. The King asked … Continue reading

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What is the Economy like for 2007?

For investors, economy of the world and various regions are important. They make investment decisions based on their knowledge of the economies of say USA, Japan, UK, EU, China, India, emerging economies, etc. Governments and economists will provide projections of … Continue reading

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Panic Attacks

Before mid-2005, I sometimes woke up in the night (about 2 to 3 am) with heart beat racing, feeling faint. I would then wake up my wife just in case I fainted so that she could react. I panicked in … Continue reading

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Be professional even when facing unpleasant situation at work

I was told of an incident recently. There was a re-organisation and consolidation in a health care establishment. A caregiver was told of her new portfolio and the scope of the new duties by the manager as a result of a … Continue reading

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