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What is the Economy like for 2007?

For investors, economy of the world and various regions are important. They make investment decisions based on their knowledge of the economies of say USA, Japan, UK, EU, China, India, emerging economies, etc. Governments and economists will provide projections of … Continue reading

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Panic Attacks

Before mid-2005, I sometimes woke up in the night (about 2 to 3 am) with heart beat racing, feeling faint. I would then wake up my wife just in case I fainted so that she could react. I panicked in … Continue reading

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Be professional even when facing unpleasant situation at work

I was told of an incident recently. There was a re-organisation and consolidation in a health care establishment. A caregiver was told of her new portfolio and the scope of the new duties by the manager as a result of a … Continue reading

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Commute in Singapore on the cheap

I have been a car owner for a long time since 1983. This is my usual form of transport from point A to point B. It goes without saying that owning and using the car as the only way to … Continue reading

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Polytechnic education or Junior College education

  Recently, there are a few letters written to TODAY newspaper – 12 January and 15 January 2007 on the subject of Polytechnic education versus Junior College (JC) education. The 12 January letter was written by Vivienne Lim on behalf … Continue reading

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Debt Instruments – Notes or bonds

We are familiar with Government Bonds or sometime known as sovereign debts. The borrower is the government of a country. Investors buy into this bond with the hope of getting regular interest payments higher than the savings deposit rates. The … Continue reading

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Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) – What is this?

If you wanted to invest in a portfolio of properties, like commercial buildings, industrial buildings, retail malls, etc., for their rental returns, you do need a huge sum of money to do so. You can buy into some units of … Continue reading

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