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Reading the Annual Report of Unit Trust

So you have invested in a specific unit trust and now you receive half-yearly annual report from your fund manager. What do you do with it? It is full of financial figures including the fund manager reporting on the performance … Continue reading

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Which Unit Trusts to Invest in?

There are literally hundreds of unit trusts managed by different fund managers that are available for investors. So how do you decide which one to invest in? If you are conservative like I am, you may want to go for … Continue reading

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Income Funds

In the earlier posting, I wrote on the Fixed Income Funds. There is another type of funds known simply as Income Funds or in some cases Equity Yield Funds. The major distinction is that for Fixed Income Funds, they invest … Continue reading

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Fixed Income Funds

If you have cash now and find that the stock market has run up too high for your pocket, then what do you do with the extra cash so that you can earn decent returns? What if you are a … Continue reading

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Interest Rates Drive the Financial Markets

Economists, financial analysts and investors watch the interest rates of each country with keen interest. One professor once said that if a person can predict the future interest rate accurately, he could make millions! That is why the obsession by … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year 2007

The tradition is for the extended family members to come together for a reunion during the Chinese New Year. We may not have been in touch with our brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces and those connected with the family for a … Continue reading

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Older workers not given time to learn new skills

This is a true story related to me. A mid-50s woman had been working for relatives most of her life until the family business was dissolved. She went to CDAC for assistance for job matching services and she was introduced … Continue reading

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