Coming back to work

On 4 April, I returned to my workplace after taking a break of 6 months. I left the polytechnic after some 14 years of service late last year. During these 14 years, I have many wonderful colleagues who have become my good friends. I felt quite at home when I stepped into the campus, being familiar with the environment, the culture, the work ethics, the usual pre-occupation of issues on hand, the rush of some work routines.

Colleagues were happy to see me. They waved, smiled, stopped me for a quick chat along the corridors, in the lift, on my way to the toilet, canteen. The common exchanges were:

How have you been?

Welcome back!

It’s nice to see you.

How is your break?

What did you do during the 6 months?

What subjects you will be teaching for the semester?

Why have you not put on some weight?

To be honest, despite the cheery front I felt I do not deserve the attention I was getting. I wish I am a non-entity and just another colleague going about with his work. Some left me alone and I am glad.

I caught up with news from my colleagues and I got up to speed on the developments in the past 6 months in the workplace. Thanks to all (who are reading this blog) and who have engaged me and treated me excellently. It’s also wonderful to note that some have been reading my blog postings. That is flattering.

I gave my first lecture to Year 2 students yesterday morning from 9 am after a long lapse of time that I have done that. I have been in administration for a while and hence opportunity for lecture was not there. I put in extra effort to ensure a smooth delivery without hiccups. The butterflies in my stomach were there; occasionally my hand was in my trousers’ pocket to hide my nervousness; I am aware that I have not delivered some finer points which I planned to do.

I survived and the students were generally attentive for most part of the 2-hour lecture. I came off the lecture happy. However, I was drained but happily drained.

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