Bright Vision Hospital

I was shown round the hospital which has 5 levels. There is about 200 plus beds in this hospital which is fully operational since 2002. The infrastructure and physical environment does not look any different to any community hospital, except that it is just basic to reduce operating expenses. What is important is patient care which the doctors, nurses, therapists and ancillary services staff work tirelessly to ensure maximum care and relief to the patients.

Bright Vision Hospital is a fully integrated step-down care hospital offering a seamless continuum of holistic and quality care, especially to the needy, the sick, and the elderly regardless of race and religion. The Inpatient Services include: Sub Acute Care, Rehabilitation, Palliative Care and Long-Term Care. (Source:

As I walked passed the 5 wards (Respect, Faith, Compassion, Hope and Peace), I felt a sense of hope for some patients and for the chronic sick patients, I wished that their sufferings can be less. They are so alone coping with their illnesses; quietly resting at their beds; some with blank looks in their eyes; some were reduced to skin and bones. During visiting times, some were without visitors. The hospital staff and pastoral care staff become their only contacts.

This voluntary community hospital is supported by the Ministry of Health with grants coming from its Health Endowment Fund. The grants alone will not be sufficient to cover all the operating expenses. The hospital also relies on donations from the public. For the current year, the hospital faces a financial deficit amounting to S$800,000. (Past financial results published at the website.)

Their appeal for donations is to help them do more for the patients and to help the lower income patients who cannot afford long hospital stay. Donations of any amounts are much appreciated. Please visit their website to donate.


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