Life cannot be all smooth sailing


I have not written a blog entry for a while since June 2. It is an irony that I have this 2-week school break from teaching and I am still busy. The mid-term test scripts have to be marked and final examination questions have to be set ahead of time. These 2 weeks mean that I do not see my students in classes, which is a break alright. I also took this opportunity to prepare my lessons for the second-half of the term so that it will not be a rush when the time comes.


What made the past week worst was that I caught the flu bug. The coughing was unbearable. This was annoying and made me feeling lethargic. On a brighter side, I was healthy during term time and I did not miss a single lesson. In the teaching line, one cannot afford to fall sick during the term. Doing make-up lessons can be troublesome.


There is another week of break to go and I certainly will make full use of the time to take it easier and spend some quality time with the family.


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