What is a Worthwhile Investment?

One and a half years ago, my nephew called me and explained that he wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree from a private university. The tuition fee was hefty for his family to sponsor. Getting a study loan from the bank had been considered as an option but the family perceived that it may not be easy. Reluctantly, he turned to me and asked what he can do. I noted his keen interest in pursuing a degree in the financial services areas outside his field of study in the polytechnic. He did not say it outright that he wished to borrow money from me. But I knew the outcome of the conversation will be then: that I will support him through his university study. Of course, the question of whether he can complete the study and graduate went through my mind, though I did not mention this to him. On the basis that he is my brother’s elder son and that the family needed financial support, my immediate reaction was to loan and wished him well in the study.

For every investment, you think of returns. You also look at the risk factor. The total tuition fees of one and half years of study was not small by my financial position. The question that also crossed my mind was what if he did not complete the study within the stipulated time-frame and still have some outstanding modules to complete. This will mean more money to add on. I was also aware that the repayment will take some time.

I took a decision and contributed to his 3 semesters of study. Recently, he received his final semester results and he graduated with the degree. I am truly happy for him. He is now working as a financial services consultant with an insurance company.

Education is an investment for life. You cannot measure in financial term the returns of investing in education. It is intangible. To see someone benefiting from education is something to rejoice. My nephew came by last week to talk about repayment and that is a gesture I appreciated.

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