Physical or material items rule our lives?

We work hard for a big pay packet and wish you have more money every year. Some may say this is to chase a dream to be able to provide for oneself and the family beyond the basic needs. The society talked about chasing the 5 “Cs” – Cash, Credit Card, Car, Condominium and Club.

I owned a car that is now eleven and half years old. Because of the convenience it provides me when moving from one point to another, I have become dependent on it. Ask me about taking a bus to a destination, I will be lost. I will rationalise that my time is precious and the shortest time to reach a destination will allow me to achieve more. More of what? Money, time for other activities?

3 weeks ago, I sent my car for a major service which resulted in the car being held in the workshop for two and half days. I felt my mobility was somewhat curtailed. Why should this be the case? But it does as I am dependent on it through years of driving. It did affect me when the workshop said that it will take that long to complete the job. It is silly that I was affected by physical or material item. Will a car matter at all, if one is to fall sick for a prolonged period of time?

Similarly, we own a roof over our heads and we make the property a prized possession. Living in a flat with neighbours around your unit can cause certain amount of heartache. The flat above mine has an external air-con compressor and it started to leak water onto my window ledge recently. I could not open my window as a result because the water drip will splatter into my room. So, I have to inform the above unit about it but to date there is no response to my SMS. Does this affect me? Again this is a problem relating to physical or material items. We can choose to live with it or we can get upset about it. Is it worth it getting upset? I think not.

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