Overseas travels need not be expensive

Some years back, we made it a point to search for pottery items and glassware in the countries we visited. We had it bubble-wrapped and then brought it back home. We also buy souvenirs unique to the countries and then distributed them as gifts to family members and friends and some were retained. Some of these items were bulky and added to the weight of our luggage. After a while, we have collected quite fair amount of these items. These are kept in the house and some are displayed on shelves, while others were simply stored away and were forgotten.

Recently, I put these cute items away in boxes instead of displaying them on the shelves. The reason is that we have to dust them and there are too many of them that they appeared cluttered on the shelves. Thinking back, we need not buy them to be kept away later. That could save us some money.

During the recent travels, the family did not actively search for souvenir items. Instead, we only bought practical items that we can use on a daily basis. These items must also not be expensive. We also looked out for unique food and snack items for family members and friends.

One way to remember the places we have visited was to take digital photographs. To immerse in the countries’ culture, we sampled and ate food items that were unique to them. We would try to go to places that were frequented by the locals and this added to the rich experience during these trips. Visiting and not buying anything was good enough for us. Travels need not burn a big hole in your pocket.

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