Mid-Autumn Outing for Bright Vision Hospital Patients

On 20 September 2007 Thursday night, Bright Vision Hospital organised a mid-Autumn festival outing for 15 patients. Each patient was given a battery operated lantern to hold while more than 15 volunteers helped to push the patients on wheel chairs to the nearby park and participated in the activities.

There was a group of singers who sang Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien songs to entertain the patients. There was even a qigong dance performed by one lady. They gave their best performance and were spontaneous. They weren’t shy and were happy to perform for the patients in order to bring cheers and relief to the patients.

The patients were treated to pomelo which is a tradition of a moon-cake festival of the eighth lunar month. The sky was clear, the half moon was bright and indeed it was breezy for the night. Some patients enjoyed the outing and at least for one hour plus or so, hopefully they forgot their pain and sadness.


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