First Anniversary of Blog Postings

Exactly a year ago, I posted my first blog entry. Since then I have written 77 Financial Tips, 65 Living Tips and 19 personal views on events and experiences encountered. This is a total 161 postings.

Back in October 2006, I took a break from work and decided to write during my times at home. The original intention of setting up this Blog is to share some of my experiences in Living Well with Peace.

Living Investment is the title I use for my Blog. It covers finance and investment related matters. Some good practices which I was sharing came about because they worked and also because some did not and hence valuable lessons were learned not to repeat them.

Living Investment also covers other areas beyond financial subjects, such as physical and mental well-being. These are also investments for our future well-being.

Writing this blog has given me a sense of purpose especially during the 6 months I left my job. It kept me occupied with meaningful pursuits. This is as close as to writing a book. It is satisfying as some had read my postings and thought they were good. I am encouraged and thank all for reading.

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  1. Cheng MY says:

    Appreciate your effort and I have learned from your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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