Hair-Cutting Day at Bright Vision Hospital

Every third Saturday of a month is designated hair-cutting day for the Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) for the patients.

I started off early with my wife and reached BVH at 8.30 am this morning. Several female volunteer hair-dressers were on hand to help cut patients’ hair.

For patients who were able to sit on wheel chairs, they were sent to a designated barber/hairdressing room at Level 3. They stayed in queue until their turns for the hair-cut.

For those patients who are categorised as fall risk cases, they got their hair cut in their wards. The hairdressers and the assigned assistants moved to the beds of these patients and tried to manage the hair-cutting as best as they can. Though not conducive, but the hairdressers did well and were very efficient.

Out of 100 patients that required haircut today, the whole exercise must be completed by about 11.30 am to 12.00 pm so that they can be served lunch. The beds and the wards must be cleared of hair bits so that it will not affect the patients taking their lunch.

Hair-cut is necessary to keep the patients comfortable for hygiene consideration and besides, it made the patients look neat. It cheered some patients to have these volunteer hairdressers cutting their hair. Some even asked how much it will cost them! Some volunteers have been doing this for years that it must be gratifying that the patients acknowledged their volunteering spirit.


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