Morning Motivation

What do we do when we first wake up in the morning?


Be thankful that we are alive and there is this day ahead to do something for our fellowmen and other living beings. To be able to contribute, we need to take care of our body and mind first. Without this, you will not have the optimum capacity to cope.


How do we start? You can start with being mindful of our speech when in your workplace. Speech can hurt your colleagues. Even harbouring evil thoughts about our colleagues is not skillful and it hurts us more than it hurts others.


Be gentle with your colleagues and if you are a teacher, be gentle with your students. Ask whether there are actions which you can do that can benefit them? Over a long term, the most unreasonable colleagues and students will appreciate what you do. Do not create mental torture on colleagues. If you knew it and continue to inflict pain then this is not skillful living.


Remain calm under intense stress and try to be compassionate and bring forth your wisdom to the situation. Each individual has his or her own problems which are not “sign-posted” publicly for all to see. They may not tell you why they behave the way they do under the circumstances.


This little gesture and motivation for doing good will be appreciated even though you may not know about it. A colleague recently met with me and told me that it was his last day in the organisation. He is moving on to a new job. We shook hands and he held on to my hand a wee bit longer  than normal and thanked me for being who I am, though I did not remember any specific incidents to leave a mark on him. He was not even within my immediate purview in the organisation in the past. 


What I wish to say is that we should not do things for personal gains and rewards. That is not the right motivation. We can be ourselves and be kind to as many people we meet from all walks of lives without any ulterior motives. This world will then be a peaceful one.


Written on 10/25/2007 10:58 AM

Copyright © 2007, the author known as LKT in Singapore.

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