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Active Ageing

In my estate where I live, I see many elderly folks. They are living up and are very active.   At 8.00 am on most weekdays, a group of them will gather at the open area and spend time stretching … Continue reading

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Blogging provide a platform for you write. This is closest to publishing your written work. You can think of a theme for your blog and write pieces relating to the theme.   In my case, I use “Living Investment” as … Continue reading

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Asset-backed securitisation vs Equity issue

Companies planning to raise capital via share issue (equity) and debt issue (borrowings) are considering timing these issues after the financial turmoil have somewhat abated.   Those who raise Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) recently found the hard truth that the … Continue reading

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Nurses at Bright Vision Hospital

Last Saturday morning, 17 November, was spent at the Bright Vision Hospital helping a hairdresser who went round the wards and cutting the patients’ hair. It’s been a month since I did the same. My role was to provide general … Continue reading

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Where is US economy heading? (2007)

The weak US dollar, the rising oil prices and the sub-prime mortgage problems have affected the US economy and economies of the world including this region.   At the time of this writing, HK’s Hang Seng Index tumbled 4.15% today … Continue reading

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Psychological Traits of Great Investors

 Mark Sellers, founder of Sellers Capital LLC, a hedge fund based in Chicago, argued that a great investor is someone born with certain psychological traits and not someone who tried to pick it up by reading investment books or someone … Continue reading

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Investing in Gold

We have not seen the price of gold reaching the level of US$816 per ounce (price at yesterday’s closing trade) before 2007. The closest the commodity market has seen gold price reaching this magnitude was in 1980 at US$612 (average … Continue reading

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