Nurses at Bright Vision Hospital

Last Saturday morning, 17 November, was spent at the Bright Vision Hospital helping a hairdresser who went round the wards and cutting the patients’ hair. It’s been a month since I did the same. My role was to provide general assistance to the hairdresser and to support the patients’ heads so that the hairdresser can cut their hair while they lay in their beds.

Nurses at the hospital take care of many chronic sick patients. Most patients are bed-bound either due to fall-risk or stroke condition. In order to move some patients from the beds to the chairs so that they can sit up for their haircut, it will require 2 female nurses to do so. They are well trained but it will be difficult for untrained individuals to do that.

Because patients need to be cleaned or bathed every morning, the nurses are rostered to take turn to perform that job. It is one of the most difficult tasks carried out by the nurses. They do it as part of routine because it is necessary for the patients to be cleaned.

The nurses appeared short-handed and patients did comment that it was difficult to get their attention because the nurses have many patients to care for and also many duties to perform in the course of a day.

Despite the demands on the nurses, the nurses put up with them and still maintained a sense of cheerfulness and calmness going about with their work. It must be tiring and the groaning and seeing the sorry state of some patients can cause one to feel sad watching them suffer.

I appreciate the work of these nurses and they deserve our respect.


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