Active Ageing

In my estate where I live, I see many elderly folks. They are living up and are very active.


At 8.00 am on most weekdays, a group of them will gather at the open area and spend time stretching and doing limbering exercises led by a leader. This usually lasts for half an hour.


At about 10 am, a few elderly ladies come together and sit at the void deck and just chit-chat. One of them sits on a wheel chair. This is one activity for them to get out of the confine of their houses. The ladies generally cheer each other up or just simply keep each other company.


At night, a number of senior citizens will congregate in a room designated as the Senior Citizens’ Corner. They brought food and drink to be shared. They watched television and may even sing karaoke. They welcomed younger residents to join them in this gathering.


This is living to the fullest.

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