Blogging provide a platform for you write. This is closest to publishing your written work. You can think of a theme for your blog and write pieces relating to the theme.


In my case, I use “Living Investment” as a theme. I focus my writing on living well till the ripe old age. Two aspects are covered:

1. living well and peacefully

2. financial sufficiency, by adopting sound financial investment and management


When we write, it is best to add value for those reading them. Research is necessary and for this we have to read widely both in print media, in cyberspace and e-resources. This forced us to keep current with issues and in the process keep our mind active.


As we get older, we can write our experiences and passed them on to the next generation.


Some people use blog as a way to write a journal much like the paper-based journal. They share their digital pictures on-line so that their friends can view them. Some do share their emotional side of the experiences.


If your child is writing a blog, as parents you can read them to get a sense of how your child is coping with study and life in general. Writing a blog also sharpens the skill of your child in writing ability.


If you want to avoid controversies in cyberspace, you can choose not to write on sensitive subject matters.

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