Saving on petrol and car park charges

In 2006, whenever I filled up my petrol tank of my car, it used to cost me about $30 dollars per week. This year, my petrol consumption has risen to about $50 dollars per week. My travelling pattern has not changed significantly and therefore the increase was due mainly to higher oil prices.


So what did I do?


I took the public bus to get to the Suntec City in the morning of 12 January and later in the night, I took the public bus to get to the Esplanade in order to watch the musical “Beauty World”. I saved on petrol and at the same time saved on car park charges.


The buses were air-conditioned and the rides were pleasant. The only negative aspect of taking public buses was the lengthy waiting time for the buses to arrive. In this regard, one has to factor in waiting time to the entire journey to the destination.


On that Saturday night, we waited for a while and luckily we just managed to take the last bus to reach home slightly after midnight. This was quite an experience since my family and I had not stayed out so late and tried taking public bus home at that hour.


During that same week, I also took a bus to get to Raffles Quay to attend a meeting. Knowing that parking your car in Central Business District is very expensive, the bus fare is really affordable. By taking public transport, your car will not add to the congestion on the road and certainly not pollute the air.


So why not consider leaving your car at home once in a while and take public buses or MRT/LRT trains.

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