Living an unclutered life in a clean environment

My family and I are at this crossroad that accumulation of more and more material things are not the most important aspect of our lives. We are beginning to release possessions we have accumulated over a number of years to the Salvation Army’s Thrift Shops. Things that we felt a certain attachment to and with memories associated with them were given away. Books, jigsaw puzzles, apparels, shoes, etc used to take up shelf spaces are now slowly removed from our home.


A close friend made a remark that we should move towards having all worldly possessions fit into ONE suitcase to allow us the mobility to travel from destination to destination, be it moving to a new house or travelling around the world.


I have books which I bought and they cost a lot to buy in the past. These books continue to stay on the shelf gathering dust and never to be referred to again. If they are missing, I will probably not notice it. So what is the point of holding on to them? It might be better to let someone else have them and enjoy these books.


Last weekend, we gave up all the jigsaw puzzles which the family enjoyed when my daughter was still young. It is time to move on without the jigsaw puzzles though the hours spent on them have built endurance and persevering attributes.


Since I started to work half time, I have more time on my hand. I have started to help clean the house every Sunday. The floor requires vacuuming and mopping after each week. It has been an achievement, each time it was completed. The dated newspapers and magazines, recyclable plastic materials and glass containers are disposed of for re-cycling purposes.


The less we have, the more we feel uncluttered. It is psychological but it feels great.

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