Finally settled in

Since moving in on Monday, we spent next three days unpacking things from our many carton boxes. The adjustment to a new place takes some getting used to. Things are now placed in different wardrobes, cupboards, book shelves, etc. Our routines were disturbed. But then, change is the only constant and we should be able to adapt. Furthermore, this helps to stimulate our minds.


In preparation for the big move, we had discarded or sent for recycling many items which somehow were accumulated over the years. Our lesson learned was not to keep things thinking that they will be useful someday. Be a minimalist in attitude and buy things only when we truly require them in our daily activities.


If for some reasons, you do not need certain items such as small refrigerators, table fans, televisions, single size mattresses, chairs, rice cookers, washing machines, thermo flasks, etc (and still in good working condition) do consider passing them on to those who need them most through the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (eg. Family Service Centres and Senior Citizen Centres).


There is a website that helps facilitate matching of donated items and those who require them. Visit We have since given up 3 beds, washing machine and a box fan.

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