Wired Generation

I taught students who are 18 – 19 years old for a number of years now. This year, my encounter with a fresh batch of students was less than satisfying.

Students were loud in their speech. They could not conduct a conversation softly. They held their separate discussions even when you were explaining the lessons. Their attention span was very short and they were easily distracted.

This is the generation whose members grew up to be internet-savvy. They are into computer games and are entertained by YouTube, Facebook and various entertainments on the web. They are capable of doing various activities at the same time. They could be listening to music, chat on the internet and do schoolwork at the same time.

Teaching these students proved to be challenging. How can we get students interested in subjects that were considered dry and uninteresting, e.g. accounting.

Fortunately, not all students are in this category of having laid-back behaviour. They are generally appreciative of us and they accord respect to teachers at the end of the day.

The next step is to think of strategies of engaging this wired generation so that we do not get frustrated teaching them.


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