Blogging is modern day journaling or diary writing.


Before the internet, we wrote in our diaries events that happened daily and our feelings associated with them. Our innermost thoughts were expressed in words on papers. Diary serves as a record of happenings in our life, a historical snapshot to be retained in archive. Memories may fade, but a record will not. It can be used to recall events that happened years ago.


When we were young, we wrote entries secretly and the diary is a private document that you keep under lock to prevent someone from snooping in on the contents. We tend not to bear all in public by letting anyone to read our diaries while we are still alive. Worse still the contents may hurt someone reading it if it relates to that individual.


Internet changes diary writing. It provides a convenient on-line platform for anyone to blog events, viewpoints and on personal lives. You can allow the public to read the blog postings or restrict the viewership to selected individuals.


Some bloggers have successfully built up a readership base because they are able to write something that appeals to readers’ appetite for intellectual pursuit or just purely for its entertainment values.


Schools are encouraging students to blog. Teachers believe that blogging improves students’ writing skills provided they are written grammatically. It is a good habit to blog often. The more you post your blogs, the more comfortable you are to put words on paper (in this case on-line). This will help in your composition and even General Paper subject. There is another advantage. You will be able to search through your writings to complete the end-of-year co-curricular activities record required to be submitted to the school.


As a parent to a child that blog, I am able to “feel” the ups and downs of my teenage daughter. Her excitements and frustrations were plainly written for us to read. We will try to soothe our child while she was in a stressed situation. On the happy side, our hearts became joyous and lifted with her euphoria of certain days or events. Her blog also tells us what she had been doing in schools and personal life. There is less need to ask her often on how she has been doing and it allows for a conversation piece at dinner table. It brings the family closer. Still, there are some matters that are off-limit to parents. In this case, she will go back to her trusted diary to write and we respect her privacy.

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