Apple iPhone 3G

Label me an Apple enthusiast or geek. I stood in line for one-and-half hours and got my iPhone on Day 1 of its launch on 22 August 2008.

I switched from Microsoft Windows Mobile on Dopod cell phone to touch-screen Apple iPhone 3G. The transition was easy. What a joy! What is so distinctive is the human interface which Apple is well known for. iPhone is intuitive and easy to use for non-technically-inclined person.

Accessing the internet is a breeze. No complicated sign-in whether through WIFI, Wireless@SG or through Singtel. I have my personal Yahoo! e-mail pushed to me on my set. It is s easy as that. I do not have to set codes or complicated commands to link to Yahoo! e-mail. 

Being an investor, I watch out for share price movements and foreign exchange rates. These are available at my finger tips instantly. I do not have to power up my PC and internet to get them now.

12 Sep 2008 001

Global Positioning System (GPS) is cool. You will never be lost with the Google Map. It tracks your current position automatically and provides directions to your intended destination.

12 Sep 2008 002

If you need weather forecast, information is available for 6 days in advance.

12 Sep 2008 003

iPhone can sync data from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts onto your phone. It doubles up as a PDA and uses Outlook Contacts to write e-mail, send SMS messages, call your contacts.

12 Sep 2008 004

Last and not least, iPhone has iPod too and you can listen to songs and music on a go. You have cell phone, internet, PDA, iPod and mini PC all in one device.

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