Personal achievements and Institutional support

I had worked for two organisations throughout my career until I chose to pull back from corporate life two years ago. One was an international audit firm and the other was a publicly-funded polytechnic.


My various achievements in the corporate world were due to the institutional infrastructure and support provided by both organisations.


Besides your positive attitude towards work, you still need organisations to achieve your potential. I often hear from colleagues who run down the organisation they worked for. They were dissatisfied with matters such as pay, promotion, red-tape and personal conflicts.


Putting aside such grievances, we can attempt to see the good side of an organisation. I came to realise this as I moved from the first job to the second and subsequently when I left full-time work completely.


My stint with the audit firm resulted in work experience that accord me the Certified Public Accountant qualification. The international firm has a technical department that provided staff with the latest interpretation of new accounting standards. The trainings provided included both in-house programmes and overseas exposure. We learned from seniors and partners of the firm while on the jobs. The local firm could tap on the expertise of its sister firms worldwide and we were never without expert advice. The client trusted that the firm had the relevant and skilled staff to perform the assignment knowing that the staff had the backing of the international firm to see to its successful completion.


The polytechnic is an educational institution. It has a full range of resources to support lecturers in their work. This includes library resources and electronic databases on different academic specialisations. The teaching team shared materials developed in the course of delivery of lessons and assessment of students. Over time, the teaching materials were enhanced and updated and staff could rely on them instead of starting from base zero. The Staff Development Department has comprehensive programmes to help staff on all matters relating to teaching.


When a staff left an institution, these support and infrastructure is no longer available to him. It becomes harder to venture on your own and try to compete with these educational institutions for teaching assignments.


In summary, after setting aside people-to-people conflict, the institution provides the support for our career. It should remain blameless for our departure from the organisation.

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