National Junior College – Art Elective Graduating Coursework Exhibition 2008

My wife and I had the privilege to visit the exhibition put up by fifteen JC2 art elective students last night. The art pieces are the graduating coursework for their H2 Art subject.

The students put in months of work to realise their final art work. We know! The visit did not disappoint and accolade goes to them. From the interaction with them, we sensed the feeling of pride and happiness over their accomplishments.

Let me present some works here.


Terminus by Kwoh Kai Sheng. Terminus depicts beauty, frailty, and intricacy of deadlines. Inspired by I.V. drips for hospital patients.



Of Warriors and Princesses by Cheng Yi Lin. Represents female warrior and princess in contrast, both tough and at same time feminine. Dresses are produced from paper.


The Elder, 2008 by Christina Chua. The two metre height Face is representation of the artist’s father. The face surface is covered by styrofoam beads.


Permanent Evanescence, 2008 by Jean Lim. Behind the translucent boxes are collages of different people’s in artist’s life.



Cadence, 2008 by Cheong Sze-Yenn. Cadence is amalgamation of various patterns derived from ordinary, recurring occurrences in everyday life.


Personalities, 2008 by Lim Shu Ning. Personality traits affect the outward appearances of each of the five characters – Old Man, Dreamer, Hypochondriac, Social Butterfly, Schizophrenia. These art pieces possess characteristics that portray their quirky dispositions.

Bravo. Keep the flame of passion burning bright.

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