As a family we did a charitable act today, 2 days to Chinese New Year, in the Year of the Rat. Something rewarding to end the lunar year.

We woke up early this morning and proceeded to HDB Hub in Toa Payoh. Our role is to issue out tin cans and stickers/flags to Beatty Secondary School students early in the morning. These students are the fund-raisers soliciting donations from the public. We have these students to thank as they took to the tasks positively and they were orderly which made our jobs a breeze.

Between 12 to 1 pm, the students returned with the tin cans and the collections. They were chatty and felt happy that they had completed a worthwhile activity. To some, asking the public for donations was the most difficult thing they encountered. Nevertheless, this is an experience they must somehow get through in life to feel for themselves. Many smiled when we thanked them for their efforts. This made our day and we knew that it was OK with them, this flag day.

Being in charge of the Toa Payoh location is a responsibility. The whole event went smoothly that we felt truly relieved that it was over by 1.15 pm.

The logistics and transportation of bringing 105 tin cans, stickers, authorising certificates, etc to the location and returning the donations collected to O’Joy Care Services Centre proved to be the most difficult part of the whole event. Then again, this was a small discomfort when we knew that it was for a good cause.

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