The wishing game

5 children were engaged in a wishing game. Each one was given one wish.

The first kid wished for a McDonald’s burger because his parents did not allow him to eat McDonald’s burger for his own good. He got his burger. He was satisfied.

The second kid wanted to better the first wish. He wished he owned a McDonald’s restaurant. He could now eat McDonald’s burgers anytime he wished. He was satisfied.

The third kid thought for a while and he wished he had one billion dollars. With this money, he can buy as many McDonald’s restaurants he wants. He can buy video games and play all day. He will buy a primary school and award himself certificates since he owns the school. After primary school, he can sell it and buy a secondary school. He will continue to do the same till he finishes college. That was pretty smart and he was satisfied.

The fourth kid did not want to lose out and he was intelligent. He wished that he would be granted three wishes. The first wish is to own a McDonald’s restaurant. His second wish is to have one billion dollars. His final wish is to have another three more wishes. In this way, he has wishes in perpetuity, never ending wishes. He thought that no one else could better this wish. He was satisfied.

The final kid heard all four kids. He was not keen to compete. He wish that he was so contented that he would not need to wish again. That is it.

The simplicity of the wish slowly dawned on the four kids. Being contented, there is no desire for anything else. There is no more desire for burger, money, good look, intellect and status. He is contented with his life, whoever he might be. He will not compare with others. There is no need to because he will always be contented.

The moral of the story suggests that one should move away from “Freedom of Desire” to “Freedom from Desire”.  … Saying of a wise man.

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