Living meaningful life

We read in obituary pages and we noticed some passed away at a young age. The sadness of a loss one was intensified when he/she left behind young children. The loss was usually mourned and remembered by so many friends of deceased as they penned their messages in the same obituary pages. Sometime, the newspaper published article on how he/she met with death. It was often tragic and we felt a sense of pity that life is snuffed out prematurely, especially there can be more contributions from him/her.

Over the years, I have friends and acquaintances met with fate. It will sadden and shock. No words can console the surviving members of the family.

As we celebrate each birthday, be thankful that we have seen another year. As we get older, it is a good thing if we live them well.

As we live from day to day, remember that family, friends and strangers require our care and concern. Do not delay what can be done today in showing love for family members. Give attention to our loved ones even if we are tired from work. Do not pass our workplace problems and vent it on our family.

One person we often neglect in pursuit of life. We tend to be unkind to ourselves. We ignore our health to accomplish our grand plan in the office. We drag ourselves to work even our bodies cry out for attention. When can we say that office is not all important and all consuming at the expense of family? We have to make that decision before it is too late.

Remember to connect with your loved ones by words and touch everyday. Lend a helping hand to the underprivileged and the sickly in society. We can make a difference in their lives.

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