Renovations to Home

During April and May this year, we renovated our apartment. This is the first major renovation since we have the unit in 2000.

The renovation brief is simplicity and practicality which should suit our life-style. Since the apartment is small (1163 sq ft), the other criteria is that there must be sufficient shelving space to keep items out of sight. Furnishing and fittings must also satisfy minimalist theme. In order not to be wasteful, marble flooring, other floor and wall tiles were preserved.


Master-bedroom. Custom-made bed with reading-lights. Separate beds for restful sleep.


Master-bedroom. Cozy chair beside window.




Bathroom. Removed long-bath and converted area into additional room space.


Second Bedroom. Cozy corner with one wall painted Harmony Blue.


Converted third bedroom into study/work room. Writing desk and book shelves form a L-shape against the walls. Writing desk is designed to hide unsightly electrical/electronic wires.


Kitchen. Increased work-top area. Installed water filter/heater system.


Living room. One wall is coloured orange.


Rabbit Brownie has her own space in the Living room, part of the family.


Living-room, bedrooms and study room are fitted with ceiling fans to cool the rooms. Less use of air-conditioning to save electricity and be more environmentally-friendly.

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