How to live a happy life?

Over the weekend, I was posed this question. On the surface it appears a straight-forward question, a question that can be easily answered.

But no, it is not that simple. We see sufferings, sadness, worries, frustrations, spaced-out individuals who are pre-occupied with problems, all around us.

I tried to gather my thoughts for an answer to life’s most perplexing question. We chase for happiness all our lives and yet we are still not able to achieve it totally.

We can have a checklist and mark them off once we have accomplished them, e.g. earned my first million… checked; married to someone I love… checked. But can this lead to happiness. There are physical needs and of course psychological needs. The list is inexhaustible.

If we think through the question deeper, we will see the centre-piece is our own SELF. This SELF is happy or not happy. We are SELF-centred. Most time, the SELF is more important than others. If one think less of one-SELF, pain and suffering can be minimised.

Better still, if we can be detached from this SELF, then we will not be inflicted with pains and sorrows. There is no SELF to start with anyway. This will require wisdom to see through the true nature of SELF.

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