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End of Week 1 of teaching

I have met and interacted with all my 6 classes of students. It is always apprehension when we meet for the first time in class for lessons. The students do not know how I am like and they will size me up, … Continue reading

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Feel Good Day

I promised to be kind to myself and in the process that attitude got transmitted to the students I taught in class. The energy was right this afternoon and students were responsive, participative and appreciative. My daughter told me to … Continue reading

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Forgot to pace

I had my first teaching lesson this morning. Covering 4 hours at a stretch, it was a strain on my vocal chord. After taken a sesmestral break of more than a month, I forgot to pace myself during lesson delivery. Still … Continue reading

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Semester started again

I am back to teaching for the new semester after a semestral break. This semester will take me through to March 2010. This time round, I will be focusing on one subject instead of two subjects as in the past. … Continue reading

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Overcoming Guilt and Fear

We face guilt as we live our lives. Guilt of not spending enough time with young children, guilt of over-indulgence, guilt of not looking after our elderly parents, guilt of causing harms to friends or colleagues, guilt of not lending … Continue reading

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Stock market losing volume

The daily volume of securities traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) in the past 3 sessions were:   16 October (Friday)         1.64 billion shares                                         $1.20 billion   19 October (Monday)     1.69 billion shares                                         $1.13 billion   20 October … Continue reading

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Singapore GDP forecast revised upward

The 2009 Gross Domestic Products (GDP) growth forecast was revised upward from -6 to -4 per cent to -2.5% to -2 per cent.   Contraction of the economy is still expected but is now at lower contraction of between 2 … Continue reading

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