Some quotations

Be less conscious about how people view us in public. Be yourself. It is less tiring.

Be generous with giving praises so as to raise self-esteem of people and could prevent them from taking unwholesome self-destroying actions.

When you feel that what you are holding up is getting heavy, put it down for a while. Let go of life event that troubles you. Let it go.

“Handle heat with a cool head, handle cold with a warm heart.” – Quote from someone held with high regard.

To be able to forgive is hard but is beneficial.

Every living being wants happiness like you and me, even unappreciated insects. Do not knowingly destroy them. Keep your place clean to avoid them coming over to share with you.

Permanence is one thing one cannot insist. My favourite T-shirt got a hole through constant machine washes. Learn to accept and live with it. That is the nature of things.

“One should not be too extravagant nor should one be too miserly. Take a balanced approach. Give generously with a happy heart and not for returns of favours.” Quote from someone held with high regard.

Set bite-sized goal and have bite-sized elation before moving on to the next.

As you lead from the front, be prepared to be hurt.

One reason why one is annoyed sometime is because of one’s expectation. Once expectation is not met, we get disappointed or angry. Stay cool with no expectation.

Next time when you are angry with another person, do the opposite. Adopt a compassionate self.

Creative people should believe in your own idea and not be a follower. Cut off the “noise” from other players and trust in your concept. When engaging with creative people, do not tell them what needs to be done, instead tell them what needs to be achieved and leave them to come up with original ideas to achieve it.

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