DBS Preference Shares – Allotment results

Everyone who applied for the DBS Preference Shares was successful and was allotted with some shares. Those who applied for 100 and 200 preference shares at $100 each were allocated with what they wanted.

10,276 applicants, constituting 34 per cent of total applicants, applied for just 100 shares (at $10,000) and all were allocated with what they applied for. This is one public offer out of many initial public offerings (IPO) that did not carry out any balloting. DBS did promise earlier that every applicant will get something and this was the case.

The bulk of the applicants (17,551 applicants constituting 58 per cent) who applied between 200 and 1000 shares (at $20,000 to $100,000) were allocated with just 200 shares.

Between these two groups of applicants, they formed 92 per cent of the total applicants with 82.5 per cent share of total public offer amount of $550 million. The big amount applicants were allocated varying amount of shares on offer ranging from $30,000 to $120,000. It is satisfying to note that the very rich applicants were not as successful with this public offer compared with mainstream retail investors.

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