Snippets of 2010

I have so much to be thankful for.

Just today, my long-time family doctor came up to me while we were shopping at Ion Orchard. We chatted a little and I realised that he will be away for a week and therefore we cannot see him at his clinic as planned. Instead, he did the most unusual action of patient consultation there and then and told us to pick up the prescription for some skin conditions next week. This is customer service and great patient doctor relationship.

I have many colleagues of my previous job who are good friends. They are ever so helpful. There is no request of mine that is too small to assist. I thank them all.

I began to read more fictions this year, especially during this past one month. I had nearly forgotten the joy of completing a good novel with its beautiful writing and the twists and turns of the story line. I will continue to make time to read new fictions into the New Year.

I started Facebook in September 2009 and for past one year have been connected with friends living here and abroad. Initially, Facebook was to connect with my daughter and was to be limited to family and few friends. However, my students got to know about it and number of friends started to grow as a result.

This blog was originally on Windows Live. It was moved to WordPress this year and it rekindled my interest in writing. This blog was started in October 2006. Four years had passed and writing pieces with suitable material proved challenging but rewarding.

This year, I commuted more on public transportation. This is a significant departure from my past habits. I now remember bus numbers and their routes. It saves me money and there is no stress of driving.

Finally after one year, my wife and I managed to learn Yang-style TaiJi Quan and able to complete all 37 steps. Now, we spend time in some mornings with two rounds of TaiJi Quan.

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