Watching Emotion

Negative emotion arose often and as a result I reacted while in that state of emotion. Then regret set in after action was taken. Then it was too late because damage was done.

Once I was wrongly accused for doing something that I could not recall I did. I was taken aback and was confused. I answered back my boss and pointed out that he had made a mistake. I left his office feeling that my world had collapsed. I went back to my office still in a state of shock. After a while, I composed a letter to relinquish my appointment. That letter is still with me till this day and luckily it was not presented to my boss back then. Since then, we maintained cordial relationship albeit an awkward one and the incident was not brought up again.

This episode taught me an important lesson. Not to let emotion gets in my way. What I could have done better was to catch the emotion at the start of it and not to react under that state. I was under tremendous stress during the period that my quick reaction was without careful thought of consequences. Years of cultivated relationship could be destroyed in an instant. The closer we were, I tended to take good relationship for granted and the hurt was even deeper.

In our daily life, it is important to be mindful and be watchful of our emotions every moment, the negative emotions as well as the positive ones. Emotion arisen may leads us taking action that we may regret later. If we are mindful, we can see these emotions clearly. I have not achieved that level. At least, I have started to note that an emotion has arisen even when there is a time lag.  I will tell myself, this is anger, this is greed. After constant practice, hopefully I can catch the emotion quicker.

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