Follow up on news pertaining to investments in geographical regions

I am back from break!

During this break, I was in Switzerland and Germany mainly. While in the hotel rooms, I tuned in to CNN, CNBC and BBC News. Channel NewsAsia (CNA) was not available and hence I missed out on comprehensive coverage of news on Asia.

The news from these available networks covered Europe and Middle East extensively. In the past, when I invested in geographical regions, such as Middle East, I did not actively tune in on happenings in these regions, except to skim on what limited news that were made available in our local papers or CNA.

While in Europe, you can feel the pulse of the debt problem faced by Greece. You can appreciate the enormity of the turmoil that was happening in Libya. You can listen to experts of the region commenting on the investment climate in these countries and I was not at all comfortable in both Europe and the Middle East where investments are concerned after hearing their commentaries.

What I have learned is that one should not be removed from news of the geographical regions you have invested in. Otherwise, you will not be able to react at the same speed as the Europeans or the Middle Eastern residents in managing your investment portfolio.

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