Dividend Yields for some stocks

Just two weeks ago, Singapore equities looked promising in terms of valuation. But then, things changed. Their share values declined to attractive level for most stocks.

Dividend yields for stocks rose as a result. Dividend yield (in percentage term) rose when stock price falls.

Based on research, dividend yields on some stocks are listed below. The dividend yield data are based on last dividend payout (either in 2010 or 2011).

  Ordinary Dividend/share Dividend Yield
SIA $ 0.60 5.42%
Singtel $ 0.158 5.23%
SMRT $ 0.085 4.84%
Keppel Corp $ 0.382 4.42%
Comfort Delgro $ 0.055 4.36%
SPH $ 0.16 4.30%
DBS $ 0.56 4.07%
SGX $ 0.27 3.95%
SembCorp Ind $ 0.17 3.50%

These stocks had history of declaring good dividends. (Please note that there are other stocks with great dividend yields but were not tracked by me.) These dividend yields beat bank deposit rates many times over. However, past dividend payout is not indicative of future payout. That will depend on the future performance of these companies in this uncertain economic climate.

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