How to simplify your life?

I attended a talk recently on the subject matter. The talk was given by Venerable Thubten Chodron of Sravasti Abbey, USA. The material written is based on my understanding on the talk and any misinterpretation is entirely mine.

We are often caught up with busyness with so much stress in this materialistic and fast-paced world.

One starts from a macro, broader perspective of life before we tackle the nitty-gritty aspects of living.

1. Ask yourself what is the purpose of life? Look deeply into yourself and ask that question. Find meaning in your life. It can be altruistic pursuit to benefit others or some other purposes like leading a wholesome life.

2. Set objectives based on what you truly think in your heart and NOT what external pressures expect of you. We tended to live by others’ expectations. This life is ours and we should be master of how it should end up.

3. Set your priorities based on these objectives. Do the ones with the highest priorities. We will not be able to do too many activities or tasks. If we attempt too much, we suffers burn-out.

4. Leave time for yourself for quiet reflections and NOT what others demand of you. No one should take time off you. Some quiet time without worrying about work matters and social matters is essential to find calm and balance in your life.

5. Stay unplugged for a period of time from technological gadgets such as mobile phone, personal computer, game console, audio-video devices, etc. Facebook and social network, e-mail, sms and video games are time stealers. Be in control rather than be controlled.

6. Do not rush into immediate respond mode to all sms messages or e-mail. These can wait.

7. Avoid looking at advertisements in newspapers, internet web-pages. Without knowledge of them, frees one from pursuing them or acquiring them. Greed and attachment to material items will be minimised. Not going out and window-shop reduces temptation towards material items, which one need not have.

8. Walk the spiritual path to nourish one spiritually. Sufferings and mental afflictions can be reduced.

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