Some more quotations

I started my first list of quotes on 21 April 2010. This is my second piece.

Only when the mind is relaxed and rested and you focus on one thing at a time, the clarity of thinking will follow.

“If you have nothing to do, do nothing. If you have something to do, give it all you got.” It’s ok to do nothing and have no guilt about it. Lesson on STILLNESS to achieve much more. – Quote from someone held with high regard.

By remaining equanimous at all times regardless of pleasant and unpleasant life experiences, one can ensure happiness for oneself and for those around him/her.

Obsession with perfection is setting up for disappointment. Go with the flow.

How do we connect with people? Give respect to the person in front of you regardless of his/her station in life and regardless of age. Even the very young can be a joy to relate to.

Before you can give kindness to others, you must be kind to yourself. Spend time on yourself. In return, you can offer much more loving care to others.

Aging is not a choice but how we age is within us. Live happy and consider happiness of others.

To lose your cool is not cool. it is never easy as minor irritations abound, but we can try.

Speak kindly, Listen compassionately… steps toward harmony.

Do not underestimate the power of aspiration. Aspiration together with effort will get you what you set out to achieve.

“What is done is finished, even when there are uncompleted tasks.” – Quote from someone held with high regard.

It is difficult being a perfectionist. Looking at a virgin forest, trees grew randomly and not in neat rows. If trees are in neat rows, then it is not called a forest, it is called a plantation. It is ok to be less than perfect.

Based on an ancient teaching, there is this farmer, he collects droppings from his chickens and brought it home every night. This stinks the whole house. Yet another farmer collects eggs from his chickens and brought them home and cooks omelette which the whole family enjoys. Moral of story, leave office problems behind, do not bring them home. Bring happiness home instead. (Adapted from talk by someone held with high regard.)

“Don’t reward the Outcome, instead reward the Process.” – Quote from someone held with high regard. Applicable in schools and work-place and even personal life.

“Three important questions with answers: When is the most important time? Now. Who is the most important person? The one in front of you. What is the most important thing to do? To care.” – Quote from someone held with high regard.

“It is good enough” –  Quote from someone held with high regard.

Wonderful words to be contented and happy. We can afford to loosen up and stop craving to achieve happiness.

Human tragedy due to natural disaster always reminds me our daily problems are insignificant when compared.

Before getting into a classroom session, check your mood. If you are not entirely happy for whatever reasons or have distractions, chances are that it will turn out less than ideal interaction with students. The same goes with meetings. Keep happy and be present at the moment.

Behind the facade of a teacher is a myriad of emotions and historical baggage. But they say the show must go on without emoting the negativity to public. Such is the nature of teaching.

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