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Window dressing on STI – 30 March 2012

Yesterday’s trade was the last day of March 2012. For most funds that report quarterly results, the first quarter of 2012 ending 31 March was important. Their funds will be priced according to the share prices as of end of … Continue reading

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Equanimity, n formal, calmness, especially in the way that you react to things: He received the news with surprising equanimity. (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Third Edition 2001) Being equanimous is a good attribute but very hard to attain to … Continue reading

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K-Green Trust – Annual Report 2011

K-Green Trust is a business trust listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) on 29 June 2010. The current financial results are based on the first full year or operation ended 31 December 2011. Comparison with previous year may not be … Continue reading

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Connect with Nature

We spend most of our waking hours in the home, office, shopping centres, hawker centres, on the road. We live and breathe in man-made environment. We are caught up with rushing from one place to another, from one appointment to … Continue reading

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Retirement Planning – New Blog Category

I left my full-time employment in 2006, some five years ago. Since then I have been working part-time. It was also in 2006, I started my personal blog under “Living Investment’ banner. The purpose of the blog is to share … Continue reading

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Stay mindful and Be Present always

Have you ever wonder whether you have done something earlier and you cannot even remember? Have you been in a situation when you are with someone talking to you and yet when the person is talking your mind wandered to … Continue reading

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Aussie dollar sudden decline

Since the start of this year, the Australian dollar (Aussie dollar) was climbing and stayed above 1.325 against Singapore dollar (1A$ = S$1.325) for most part. It touched 1.356 on 15 February, its highest for 2012.  I was uncomfortable with … Continue reading

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