Stay mindful and Be Present always

Have you ever wonder whether you have done something earlier and you cannot even remember? Have you been in a situation when you are with someone talking to you and yet when the person is talking your mind wandered to somewhere else?

I have and quite often too. As I reflect, I sometimes justify these actions with the excuse that I am tired and there is too much to do to give attention to the task at hand.

I feel this is not right. If you are the supervisor of employees and you are not giving them the attention they need, then over time, the employees will see through this and will not seek counsel from you or worst still they will talk behind your back. We have to cultivate the habit of being present at the moment and give full attention to the person in front of us.  This will build trust and long term relationship with your contacts.

In the case of forgetfulness, I can attribute this to not being mindful of the events happening right here and now. We do things in “auto-pilot” mode because we are rushing and multi-tasking. Being mindful is very powerful and yet we are not most of the time. We should be mindful of what is going on with ourselves. We should give full attention to each action we do however simple this action can be, like eating. Eating mindfully helps in digestion. Talking to friends mindfully will be appreciated by your friends.

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