Equanimity, n formal, calmness, especially in the way that you react to things: He received the news with surprising equanimity. (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Third Edition 2001)

Being equanimous is a good attribute but very hard to attain to perfection. It is a balance of mind, looking at things and events impartially without attachment or aversion. One who can set aside like and dislike and not to be drawn into it, would have achieved a sense of balance and calmness.

We constantly meet people: relations, friends, adversaries, and strangers. We like our friends but are turned-off by someone you dislike. We like someone who is beautiful but less with not so pretty. We are indifferent to strangers, the people you meet on public transport and your neighbourhood, for example. For an equanimous mind, we have to be open to everybody in an equal and unbiased way, much like mother earth receives all things good and bad alike. There is no permanent friend or permanent enemy. Friend can become enemy one day and enemy can become friend depending on conditions and circumstances.  Stranger can say hello or smile at us one day or help us when we needed it and he becomes no stranger anymore.

Accept people as who they are, be impartial. Remain calm in face of difficulties. It is not beneficial to get angry. Extend a helping hand if you are able to. Do not get agitated when thing does not go your way. Do not cling on to happiness, fame, gain and praise. This is fleeting and will not last forever. Do not be possessive of your loved ones. They need the space to do their own things and one day may depart.

All these require wisdom. If your adversary continues to hurt you, be wise enough to walk away and not be subjected to further torment. He may get to understand the foolishness of it all and may turn around to accept you. He may be suffering and do not know how to cope. Be sympathetic towards his predicament. On the other hand, rejoice with someone who got that promotion or good fortune. Do not envy for this will cause us misery.

When on a task, do it with gladness in your heart. Stay mindful on work and keep your cool. Work can be done with joy. This way you can be productive and job gets accomplished instead of procrastinating.

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