Stress Buster

Stress is common in our modern lives. This needs not be so. We are not predisposed to have stress.

What is my list of stress-induced causes or conditions?

Packing in too much into a day
I started with a Filofax and later graduated to using a Personal Digital Assistant Device (PDA). My diary was so packed with meetings and work schedules. It used to make me feel important and wanted. Packed schedule is a thing of a past after I left full time employment. Even if it is not work-related schedule, my recommendation is not to do too much in a single day. Give some breathing space. Turn down activities if you are overwhelmed.

When we are on a task, we either take it slow or we can speed through the task. If things are done in a hurry, we can feel breathless and the impact will come at the end of day when we just feel tired out. More haste does not mean more can be achieved. Being mindful of what we are doing will slow things down.

Setting unrealistic expectations
We expect events and relationships to be perfect. If it fell out of expectation, we feel miserable. Why the need for expectation? Let event evolves without pre-judgement. Do not be too hard on ourselves if things do not turn out the way we wanted.

Living in the future
We tend to live in the future. We worry about what is to come. We are always planning ahead. Plans may not materialise and we get annoyed. What is important is living in the present. There are wonderful things happening now. Enjoy this moment.

Money woes
Over-extending our financial capacity is a real stress. Money is not enough for the many things we wanted. We envy others who had more than us. Spending within one’s means is one way to reduce stress. Financial planning is necessary.

Relationship problems
We live with relationship with people. Bad relationship can sap our energy. Learn to accept flaws of some relationships. Be less judgmental and more forgiving. If it is impossible after you have tried, be less connected with the individual.

Neglecting oneself
People wanted your time. You are obligated to connect with friends and relations. At some point, you need to set aside time for yourself. Take a walk, spend time to read or some hobby, keep some quiet time for yourself and enjoy being alone.

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