Living with less clutter

Over pass week, we gave up a professional clothes steamer, an unused camera bag, and some vcds of old movies such as Harry Potter, Indiana Jones.

The standing clothes steamer was bought some nine years ago and it was left in our bathroom in a corner gathering dust. It is still functional but my wife has not been using it for a long while. We now use a simple basic iron to press all our clothes. We found someone who needed it for her business of cheongsam making. So it went to her and we know it will be useful to her.

The unused camera bag mentioned earlier came with the DSLR camera. It is not used and it sits on the shelf and you guess it, it gathers dust. My daughter decided that she should pass it on to a thrift shop instead of holding on to it.

As for video cds of some movies, we collected the whole series of Harry Potter and Indiana Jones. Will we going to watch the movies again? I guess not. If this is being the case, what is the use of keeping them? So these too will go to a thrift shop that collects and sells vcds and dvds for funds raising.

The fact that we are able to give up things, felt that we can let go of some past possessions. We have been practising less clutter in our house and this felt good. We have more space and there is less dusting chore to do. There is no need to accumulate items just in case we need them. When we buy things only when we need them, meant that money is spent on essentials. Therefore money is not tied up with unnecessary things. In my phase in life, where earning power is diminishing, any reduction in spending is treasured.

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