Investment values lost some more

Since beginning of this week, the Straits Times Index (STI) lost 3.5% to 2,883.40 points. The concern of investors was over the political uncertainty in Greece and a change of President in France in recent elections. Greek and French citizens were against austerity measures adopted by previous governments to stem soaring government debts and therefore voted against them. The worry is how changes in political landscape will impact ECB/IMF bailout agreed upon by the previous governments.

My Singapore equity portfolio lost some more from 6.01% on 13 April 2012 to 9.47% below cost today.

Australian dollar is depreciating rapidly against Singapore dollar. Since 13 April, Australian dollar had weakened nearly 4% so far against Singapore dollar from 1.3075 to 1.2555 (at 11 May, 9.27 pm). My Australian investment “lost” 3.8% on paper.

Taken on a total diversified portfolio basis covering all investments, this total portfolio was down 1.4%. There are some investments above costs and thus mitigates the losses incurred in the above-mentioned investments.

I am taking a longer view of investments and am not taking any action with no intention to sell out at lower prices. By selling will only benefit other investors who are waiting in the wings to buy up good investments at distressed prices.

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