Investment portfolio recovered somewhat

Yesterday was the last trading day for first half of the year. I updated my investment portfolio to take stock of my investments as at 30 June 2012.

The last time I updated my Singapore equity investments was on 25 May 2012. The Straits Times Index (STI) went below 2,800 points to end at 2,772. My equity investments were 12.29% below cost. Fortunately, STI recovered to 2,878 on 29 June 2012 and consequently my equity investment also gained somewhat and is now 9.07% below cost. I am back to the same start point and it is as if May and June did not happen. Such is the volatility of the stock markets and taking no action with your portfolio is an option too.

My overall investment portfolio covering different asset classes (such as bonds, equity, unit trusts, currency-linked investments, etc.) did perform better compared to position on 12 May 2012. Back then, the overall portfolio was 1.4% below cost. Now, it is 0.9% below cost. A spread of different asset classes did cushion the impact of a worsening investment climate on my portfolio.

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