Stock Indices at over half-way mark into year

July is turning out to be a good month for Straits Times Index (STI). The index hovered around 3,000 points level for the past three weeks.

Looking at some major stock indices below, STI performed the best at year-to-date change of 13.3 per cent from start of 2012.

Beg Jan 2012 27 July 2012 YTD Change (%)
STI 2,646 2,998 + 13.3
Sensex – Mumbai 15,454 16,839 + 8.9
Dow Jones @ 26/7/12 12,217 12,887 + 5.4
Hang Seng Index 18,434 19,274 + 4.5
Aust All Ord 4,111 4,234 + 3.0
Nikkei Index 8,455 8,566 + 1.3
London FTSE @ 26/7/12 5,572 5,573 + 0.02
Shanghai Composite 2,199 2,128 – 3.2

Shanghai Composite Index was the worst performer at 3.2 per cent reduction from start of year. I began looking at and buying China Fund since their stock index was low comparatively over the seven-month period. (See earlier post.)

With STI doing well, my Singapore equity portfolio rose between 6 July and 27 July to pare down losses. The loss quantum is now 4.9% on cost compared to 9.07% previously.

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