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Have a filing system for financial matters

In order to write some of my blog pieces on financial matters, I needed historical information of my financial transactions. I receive statements, advice, payment requests, and updates from various financial institutions (FIs). The mail that I received was filed … Continue reading

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Nikko AM Shenton Short Term Bond Fund (S$)

I used Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) fund to invest in the above-named fund in the beginning of 2005. I recently redeemed the fund some seven and half years later. The fund was formerly known as DBS Enhanced Income Fund before … Continue reading

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Living Investment Blog is taking a break

for one week.

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Life insurance serves different needs

Life insurance is a specialised field and can be complex to understand. Hence, my advice is to talk to an insurance agent and ask all the questions on an insurance proposal. Since posting on the subject matter, some responses came … Continue reading

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Lock in a gain on equity – SembCorp Industries

Several countries were adopting expansionary monetary policies recently, starting with European Central Bank (ECB), followed on by Federal Reserve Board (Fed), Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Bank of Korea (BOK), and Bank of Japan (BOJ). They used monetary tools such … Continue reading

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Buying Life insurance and others

Buying life insurance is to provide future cash flow when one suffered total and permanent disability, or when one is critically ill or when one passed away. You do not wish to burden your loved ones with expenses and loss … Continue reading

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Re-organise your life – Clear your contact lists

My wife’s cell-phone SIM card ran low on storage space, She then decided to go through her contact list and deleted some contacts. That set me thinking. At this stage of my life, do I still need to keep all … Continue reading

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Singapore economy supporting optimism

The official forecast for Singapore Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate for this year is between 1.5% to 2.5%. This forecast came on the back of poor second quarter results for GDP. GDP contracted 0.7% in the second quarter ended … Continue reading

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Fixed income investment beats Equity Investment

I had a portfolio that consists of equity and fixed income investments. The fixed income investments comprise preference shares and corporate bonds listed on the Singapore Exchange. The proportion between equity and fixed income investments is 66% and 34% respectively. … Continue reading

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One Week After

One week passed, what was I busy with? Bookkeeping for Momshoo: I spent time doing up the accounts for Momshoo, a business set up since 2009 by my daughter and wife. I am the accounts keeper, transport provider and general … Continue reading

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